Hello there, I’m Tom —
a multifaceted Media Production Manager.

I take an analytical approach to design and communication to produce effective and engaging solutions, underpinned by strong concepts.

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What I really do

Regardless of whether my position is more design and marketing or management oriented, my work approach is centered around information. First, I listen to your story, as you´re the one who knows your business best. Then I do my analytical homework and present an outside perspective on your brand potentials. We then tackle things together to create a strong communication strategy based on you´re vision for the company, and the demands of the users.

About me

In 2015 I graduated as a Media Production Manager, with additional courses in graphic design, and a final intern semester as Assistant Art Director. During that time I developed a strong knowledge and passion for marketing and design, which now guide me through life. I strongly believe that great design is not just about what you see on the surface. It’s the result of attention, understanding and evolution in order to recognize the best way to deliver a desirable product. When I’m can be a part of that journey, I feel like my place is this world makes a little more sense, at least to me.

Get in touch

You can always find me babbling on Twitter, or sharing what inspires me on Pinterest, but I do love hearing from you in person, so let’s connect on LinkedIn or through hello@tomlarsson.com.

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