Hello there,
I’m Tom.

I’m a multifaceted Media Production Manager with a passion for Visual Communication, Sales and Marketing. That gives me a knowledge range which extends from pre idea to final production and ROI evaluation. I’m also an X chef who loves clothes, bikes and music. Currently available for freelance work or employment.

You can always find me babbling on Twitter, or sharing what inspires me on Pinterest, but I’d love hearing from you in person, so let’s connect on LinkedIn or through hello@tomlarsson.com.

More about me

Graduated in early 2015 at Malmö University as Media Production Manager, with additional courses in Graphic design and a final intern semester as assistant art director, I have develop a strong knowledge within Marketing, Communication and Sales that allows me to understand the needs of businesses and their customers. I believe that honesty, simplicity, understanding of the audience and a good dialogue are keys to help brands develop confident communication which lives beyond our temporary culture.

You can see some of my visual work in the portfolio section. For more samples of previous work, a more management orientated resume, references or a personal chat, I’m always available by mail.

Let´s connect and have a coffe